Monday, March 2, 2009

Where to Start

Well, today was what is being called "snowpocalypse". The huge threat of 10 inches of snow and only getting a dusting. Yesterday we postponed our book club meeting. Around 4, I laughed because there was nothing. At 6, it started to ice. Not good.

So this morning, there was a 2 hour delay for government offices. But, I had to get into the office so didn't take advantage. Unfortunately, the steps to my apartment had a different idea. This is basically what I looked like. I was okay, have had much worse falls, but still not fun.

I made it to work, just a tad late and to start my Monday. Also, I was feeling a bit blobish so knew I had to go to the gym. It was a run day and had Charles go with me for treadmill fun. We made sure our outfits weren't too matchie and headed down. At first, there weren't 2 next to each other, but about half way in, one opened up and I moved over. I did this because Charles was doing intervals and is very motivating to run next to. He is going 10 mph, and me, well, slower. But the "1 more minute, push hard" and "make it worth it" and "finish strong" is always helpful.

We moved on to abs where I though Jess would be there, but so miscommunication and she wasn't there. :-( We did have partner work and it was just too funny. Charles didn't realize how hard he threw down my legs, and they just flopped down and I couldn't stop laughing. It's hard to do this ab exercise when laughing.

Overall, a very good workout.

And a beautiful day. DC is really pretty when it snows.

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