Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blain is BACK!!

This weekend, the weather was perfect!! I slept in on Saturday and took my time getting Blain ready to head outside for the first time since September. I also decided to head to Hains Point for some laps just in case something happened, I wouldn't be more than a few miles from Marcus.

Getting on and started was a bit wobbley, it seemed hard to clip in, took a bit to get my balance... but it was good. Really good. Not perfect, my bike computer isn't reading my cadence or speed, (Warning Dad!!) my lady parts hurt, my right knee started to hurt (tried to go without a knee brace), I didn't quite make it as long as I wanted. Even with all of this, it was still great to be back on Blain.

With my own questionable running ability, it's nice that with the weather getting better, I have options.

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