Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finding the Balance

This weekend was a good test of balance. I said this year was going to be the year of choices and I am happy to see it's moving over into my goal of balance.

Last night we went out for Rachna's birthday. I had a full day of volunteering and heading to a friend's daughter's 1 year birthday party. By the time I got home, I had just enough time for a quick nap and head out for dinner. I was good about my dinner choice, low on the alcohol intake. We went out after where I had 1 cocktail and left at a reasonable hour. That made getting up this morning for my group ride much easier.

And the ride, it was GREAT! It was my first group ride as my co-leader of the half training group. Janel and I did the ride together and just felt good. I did have to warn her as I was doing my snot rockets - have her ride ahead that way I didn't hit her. HA!!

Overall, I just feel good. I didn't let my ride today interfere with my Saturday night. Saturday night didn't affect my ride today. I hope I can keep this up!!

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