Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love/Hate Charles

This is Thursday's post - sorry.

After another PT session, and a taped foot, I thought I would try the treadmill again. Charles was up for a trip to the gym but when we got down there, all the treadmills were full :-( Finally someone got off, after 15 minutes on the stationary bike, and Charles let me go first. When I got there, the person next to me was on for 33 minutes! Not right when people were waiting. So Charles got her kicked off and jumped on.

Little did I know - he had sprints planned - and lots of them. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off - and those 30 seconds on, were F.A.S.T!!! I made it through 7 before I died. I mean, side stitch, thought I was going to be thrown from the treadmill, dead. I even wore my Ironman finisher shirt to help motivate and have a good run... didn't work so well.

But Charles, and all of his positive-ness just said "Okay, you did 7, next time, go for 10." And he is right... there will be a next time and I will go for 10. And maybe a lot more if I can spend my entire gym time on the treadmill!


Charles said...

:::evil laugh:::
next time we're gonna trick Mark into doing the sprints with us!!

:::evil grin:::

(you know i heart ya ;)

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

I don't think Mark is going to be in the gym much after Sunday... Good thing he doesn't read this. HA!!

And I really do heart (not hate) you too.