Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching Up With Tuesday's Post

Tuesday = YOGA STEVE!
And it was a hard class. But a great class.

This was followed up with dinner at Diane's. See, Diane and I will no longer be friends after February 6th. She loves her Steelers. I love my Packers. You see where this is going. So, it was best we had one happy dinner before we are no longer speaking. It was great to catch up with Brooke (who thought I missed her bday, but finally saw her special post. Apparently my blog is blocked at her office. THE HORROR!)

Now I know I can't get away with yoga being my only workout of the day anymore, so when I got home, I hopped on the trainer. GO ME! I put on some horrible TV that I love dearly, and thanks to my DVR, had a great 40 minute ride.

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