Monday, January 17, 2011

Okay, One More Post Tonight

First of all, Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Shannon posted two of my favorite quotes:
"The time is always right to do what is right."
and "What are you doing for others?"

I need to work on those things a bit more.

But, first of all, I would once again like to make a plea to the person with my voodoo doll and ask them to PLEASE take the pin out of my neck. I am once again not sure what I did to you, but I am truly sorry. Please accept my apology and remove the pin from my neck. And as long as I am at it, in the morning, please stop sticking the pins in the my back. Much appreciated.

Oh, workouts you are wondering - well I did try. But the pool was closed. And yes, I could have done some weights at home, which was the plan, but I got distracted by making brownies. Yes, I made HOME MADE BROWNIES from scratch. Yesterday Karen gave me the bug for brownies and my personal chef insisted I attempted to make them from scratch. And because I know he doesn't read this I can say, he was right. They were pretty good! And I made a breakfast quinoa casserole. And I did my last 2 loads of laundry. And I did some dishes. Yes, Martha took over my body for a bit.

So, I am off to the pool tomorrow - assuming the pin is out of my voodoo doll neck.

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