Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Going Strong

I love the beginning of the year because you can say things like:

  • "I haven't talked to you since last year!"
  • "I have cooked all my meals this year!"
  • "Falling over was so last year!"
  • "I haven't showered this year!!" (and I stole that from Katie's cooking blog about her roommate)

And my personal favorite, which is also true:

  • I have worked out EVERYDAY this year!
Yes, this year has started off pretty well (knock on wood).

Sunday was 3 hour spin.
I managed to stay on my spin bike, even when my knee buckled and I should have gone down - so that is a success! Don't get me wrong, I was very whiny - especially the last hour (poor Kimberly was next to me and had to listen to all the complaining. I think Karen and Janie just tuned me out). It was a TOUGH class. I mean I hated Rob. But when it was over, and my legs felt like sore fruit roll ups, I loved Rob. And it made me enjoy an egg veggie wrap so much more. Followed by key lime pie. And later a delicious creamy brie cheese with a nice toasted baguette.

Yesterday was a swim day.
Wilson was closed due to a water heater pump issue, so we headed to Eastern Market. It wasn't that cold so I walked the 1.2 miles from my office to meet Jenny and Toby. (Yay me!) What I didn't like was the 25 meter pool and I could tell how much faster the girls were than me. I don't seem to notice as much in a 50 meter pool. And I was cutting the workout short to celebrate a friend's engagement, so I spent the entire 1800-ish meters sprinting to try and keep up with everyone. On paper it was an 'easy' workout, but I made it much harder. And I am happy about that. It made my chicken pesto on a ciabatta roll with sweet potato fries much more justifiable.

So right now, I can say I have worked out every day in 2011. And had some very tasty dishes I have not cooked. Woot!

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