Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy 1.1.11 day!

I have started my new year off right by going for a run. Rob hosted a last minute run and sweaty brunch so I knew if I said I would go, it would get me out of bed and into my running shoes. Everyone that went did a trail run, but I took off a different way and just did an out and back.

And I have to say, I already broke a new year's resolution. I was way too hard on myself in regards to the run. Halfway through I got very frustrated at myself for being slow, giggly, out of breath, a very high heart rate and it was hard to snap out of it and make it back. I started thinking of IM Moo in 252 days. How am I ever going to be ready?!?!

Then I realized that I do have time. I do have 252 days. I am starting now. And even thought I hated 90% of my run today, I still did a run today. I still made it out for an hour and 4.5 miles. Slow, yes, but I did hold my 4:1 almost the entire run. And even though my heart rate was higher than it should be, it still managed to drop in my one minute walk recovery.

So, I am trying to stay positive. I texted Mr. Shorty Shorts as a reminder that I need to run at least 3 days a week - and hopefully he will help me out. Toby and I already talked about swimming on Monday. I have 3 hour spin class tomorrow and Carlos is permanently set on the trainer.

Today was a new day. A restart day. And tomorrow is another new day and another chance to stay positive. And hopefully not fall off my spin bike!

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