Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who Needs A Neck?

Well, I guess I need one, but I don't need one to work!!

So my plea to my voodoo doll holder did not work. But I showed him/her! Today, even thought I couldn't (and still can't) turn my neck, I went to Yoga Steve! (With my NEW yoga mat! Thanks Mom and Dad (I used my Target gift card)). I just took it pretty easy and rotated my torso and not my head. It was actually a pretty good class and there were only a few moves that were a bit more challenging. I kind of hoped it would have helped, but not so much. But it didn't get worse, so I figured that was a good sign.

But, due to my limited head movement, I figured swimming wasn't the best idea. Breathing to the right would be fine. But to the left, not so much. So instead I came home and hopped on my trainer. I put in one of my favorite Glee episodes, and got right to pedaling. Again, I don't have to move my head while biking on a trainer, so it was fine.

Annoying, yes. Doctor appointment scheduled, yes - Thursday afternoon.

I might try the treadmill tomorrow night...

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