Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm So Slow!!

Ah! Talk about a high and a low of the day.

The high
After learning Mr. Shorty Shorts forgot his running clothes, and didn't feel the need to go and get them so we could run together, I headed for the treadmill for my self. He is going out of town for awhile so I knew I would have to get used to the treadmill on my own, and today was the perfect start. My goal was to just go, and go a bit longer without walking, even if it was slower. And it worked! I was consistent, my heart rate didn't get too high, and I felt okay!! Good actually. The treadmills were packed, with a waiting list, so it was 30 minutes only. 2 minute warm up, jog 9, walk 1 (times 2) and a jog 7 with a 1 minute cool down. Woot!
It felt really good and I was very happy.

The low
I met some people at the pool for an easy 3000 meters. Right, sure. I DIED! It was SO SLOW! Way slower than I have been. It was a huge wake up call that I need to swim more than once a week, and start swimming more. I only made it 2300 meters, and mentally checked out around 1800. My stroke got off and my shoulder and back started to hurt a bit, so I stopped. I hated quitting, but knew I was off my game and pushing wasn't worth it. Not yet. But soon.

So that was the rest of my day. Hopefully the ice won't ruin Yoga Steve tomorrow. Or a certain someones birthday (not mine).

OH, and you might be wondering why I did a double today. 3 words
CRUMBS IS OPEN!!! But I only had a half. And it was DELICIOUS!

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Katie @ Shared Bites said...

G-friiiiiieeeend! I had never seen this before! Love it. are now attempting an Ironman again. ;)

I'll have to check out Crumbs - I went to the one in NYC the night before the NYC tri (my first one). The cupcake did nothing to calm my nerves, but sure was tasty. Ok, see you tonight!