Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Tuesday Snowy

With all the hype, it's FINALLY snowing. But that didn't keep me from my workouts! Mainly because they were all indoors.

Yoga Steve was tough today - lots of core and shoulder work. Needed, but after swimming yesterday, it was a bit harder. And my back wasn't very happy - and I really need to be careful.

Luckily, there was a happy hour tonight with the Tri Chicks - the 100 push up challenge people (and they are doing very well!). You know people are in training when no one orders more than 2 drinks (I only had 1!!), start drinking water at 7, and call for the check by 7:15. But we still have fun! Especially in the snow!

And the best part, I was on my bike trainer by 8. Yup! I KNOW! I put on Ironman 2001 (don't tell me who won, I only made it half way through) and biked my 40 minute workout. I feel awesome.

And tired.

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