Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday's Post

I am back to the grind! Monday's are always good days to re-focus.

And who is better to help me refocus? Of course, Mr. Shorty Shorts. The treadmill run was to just go at a constant speed, with fewer walk breaks. AND I MADE IT! 9:1's! WOOT! And I felt really good. It totally helped that Mr. Shorty Shorts was there, as was Ryan.

What didn't help was that Mr. Shorty Shorts and I were a little too matchie match. As the 3 of us were talking, Mr. Shorty Shorts mentioned he wished he had a camera. Of course, Ryan did on his phone, so the moment was captured.
As you will notice, the blue shirts are pretty close to the same shade. You can see my black (long) shorts, or capris if you will, in the mirror and Mr. Shorty Shorts in not so short black shorts. We are even running in unison - which you can see by both of our left arms are forward and our right legs down. Yup. I know you were all thinking I was exaggerating about matchie match, but here is picture proof. Thank you Ryan with your excellent picture skills, and even better photo shop skills to remove yourself from the mirror.

And the evening finished up with a 3000 meter swim. I don't know what happened between the great run and going to the pool, but I became uber cranky. And I took it out on AJ, Toby, Jen, and Jen/Toby's co-worker. Luckily, they are all awesome ladies and wouldn't let me quit until I finished The 300 (that was the name of the workout. All but the warm up and cool down were sets of 300's). Thank you ladies!!

For some reason, those two events happen most Mondays, and almost makes me like Monday's... Almost.

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ObliviousScout said...

That's a pretty awesome pic... I want to steal it and put it on facebook!