Friday, February 11, 2011

100 Push-Ups!!

(Yes, this is Feb 5th post. I am working on it!!)

Sort of. First of all, a huge thanks to Karen for setting up our little adventure. She sent out motivational messages, found a place to host the event where the proceeds went to charity, and most importantly - had a brunch spot reserved with unlimited mimosas.

I gave up on the idea of doing 100 push ups a long time ago. However, a rely option was added to the day, so I was back in! On Saturday, Lindsey and I teamed up as "Team Panda Moo" and were excited to get going. (Note - we call Lindsey panda, and we are both doing IM Moo this year, so the name totally fit!). We had 5 minutes to do our 100 push ups. I started with 10, tagged Lindsey - who did 10, and we kept going. It was a lot of fun to cheer Lindsey and the other ladies where were doing the relay as well as the ones doing 100!!

After this was over, we were not done for the day. Oh no, it wasn't mimosa time yet... See, Rob was there. And Rob decided to have one of his special 'workouts' for the remainder of the time. It started with 40 squats and 40 crunches. Then some wind sprints. Then 35 squats and 35 crunches. Then some bridges. 30 squats/30 crunches and some stupid hopping drills. See where this is going. A simple 100 push up challenge turned into a totally a$$ kicking workout. Which again, was 1. needed and 2. awesome.

And it was all worth it for one reason.

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