Sunday, February 13, 2011

He's Happy!

I just finished my first full week, sent it off, and Coach seems happy with me. YAY! Read this
"It made my night to get your e-mail and just reminded me at how good a worker you are. Keep it up Amanda! I am all smiles on this end! Coach"


Saturday started off with me not wanting to workout at all. I mean, Not.At.All. I even cleaned out my fridge. The oldest thing I found was some tartar sauce that expired in March 2010 - not too bad.
Anyway, I had a wedding shower to go to at noon, so I knew my time was limited to get in my first full brick of a 30 minute bike and 30 minute run. So, at the last possible minute, I hopped on my bike. This was followed up by a quick trip to the gym in my building to hop on the treadmill. I wanted to keep it easy so I just did a 4:1 and about 10 minutes into the jog, I felt great. I was really happy I forced my self onto the bike and got my workout in.

And today was 3 hour spin. Rob, of course, made the theme music Love. Blah. Tomorrow is the worst holiday EVER!
Anyway, back to the workout. It felt great. I had the first drip of sweat from my nose about 15 minutes into class. That feel, of pure hard work, just feels awesome.
I did get pretty tired and about half way though, Kimberly and I want to put our heads down and see if we could spin in our sleep - not really possible.
Oh, and after, Rob gave us some positive affirmation.
(It says COMPLETED if you can't tell. And it's still on my hand as it didn't come off in the shower. Or the 18 times I have washed my hands since.)

The rest of the day has been spent at the grocery store re-stocking my freezer and fridge. I even made stuffed peppers!

Now if I only had time to do my laundry too...

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