Tuesday, February 22, 2011

:-( To Me

So my post earlier today was basically my weekend catch up. I also mentioned my inability to manage my time right now. It stinks and I am totally feeling the negative effects!!

I addition to all the stuff I did this weekend, I also ate. A LOT! Yes, I have been super hungry since my workouts have picked up, including the need to have multiple breakfasts and snacks, however I think this weekend went a bit out of control.

As I said, Friday was beautiful and Mr. Shorty Shorts and I went to lunch. I could have made a better choice, but I went for the grilled cheese with tomato and pancetta, fries (but Mr. Shorty Shorts had half of them) and an adult beverage. I did have a salad to start, but I don't think that counts for much.
This was followed by dinner at Brooke's with Diane and Mary Elizabeth. We did play some Rock Band, however I don't think sitting and playing base on easy burns many calories. Or as many calories as I ate eating pizza, queso, and mini cupcakes from the Crumbs taste pack.

Saturday was a brick and puppy shower, but there were cupcakes with little dogs and Ninja stars, so I had to have one. We went for snacks later, and I only had a beer knowing I was going to dinner with Shannon. We had a great dinner, but I was still hungry and hour later, so we went for dessert - a yummy Bailey's Irish cream cake.

Sunday was spin with Rob, but because a lot of us had Monday off, it was the perfect reason to go to brunch. So to brunch we went. With a few pastry baskets to start, and of course a mimosa (what's brunch without a mimosa???) brunch was had.
On my way home, I stopped to get stuff to make chili and a little snack as the chili cooked. What was that little snack?? Queso and wine. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!?!? And once the chili was done, I had to taste it (and it was good!!) but that was a lot of food - even after a Rob spin day.

Monday was a non-brick brick day. And President's day so I had off. My personal cook and I went to lunch, where I had grilled chicken and mashed potatoes instead of something fried. Good right? But after a trip to a museum, we met with another friend and a few drinks and some tapas. Of course, I WAS STILL HUNGRY and so we ordered some lo mein, crab rangoon, and crispy shredded beef. Crispy shredded beef - SSSSOOOOOOO GGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!! But given everything else this weekend, not necessary.

So today, after breakfast number 1, we had a bday celebration and I had breakfast number 2. It's no wonder that I felt awful, fat, and gross during Yoga Steve. At the end of the practice while I was in Savasana, the final resting pose, I realized what I had eaten all weekend and why I felt the way I did. I needed to type it all out, out for the world to see (aka you 9 readers), so I know better for next time, or next weekend. I just need to do better.


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