Monday, February 7, 2011

Jan 31-Feb 4

Okay, now it's time to update you 9 readers why I wasn't blogging last week.

2 words.
Are you ready? Can you guess? I bet you can't.


And you know what, it stinks!!! I thought it might be "fun" to fill my civic duty and learn more about the process. What did I walk away with? A total sense of jaded-ness and some scary truth behind living in our Nation's Capital. Now, because one of you 9 readers is my mother (Hi Mom!!), I will not go into any more details. But I will say thank you Mom and Dad for raising me the way you did, and where you did. I am very VERY luck.

So, that being said, this process didn't leave me much time for working out. I went to work after spending the day in court, followed by a board meeting Monday night, a musical Tuesday night, and drinks on Wednesday night. Oh, AND, I started getting sick on Tuesday. The lawyers, judge and 2 other jurors were sick, so pretty much all of us were sick by Thursday. Talk about 12 angry jurors!

By Thursday, I just wanted to not be sick (but I still am) and not eat out (as I did all week because the jury room didn't have a fridge OR microwave. FAIL!). So instead of going to the DC Tri HH, I went to the store, picked up some veggies and made dinner while I sat on my trainer and spun for a good 45 minutes. And I felt so much better.

I am pretty sure that is why Friday's treadmill run went pretty good too (even though I was on my own - Mr. Shorty Shorts was off to Florida). I did another 9:1 and felt great!

So, that is where I was all last week. The one really great thing outcome of last week was that I ran into Dena in the jury line, as she was also summoned. Dena is also training for IM Moo, so before we were selected for our respective juries, we started our IM Moo 2011 e-mail group. It's a totally awesome group!


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Ooh, I'll have to talk to you about your jury duty. I've always been curious what it's like. I've also heard that registered DC residents have a greater shot at being called for jury duty. Since I'm in VA, I'll probably never be selected.