Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Workouts!!

Yes, that's right. 3.

1. It's Tuesday, so YOGA STEVE! And, with help from Yoga Steve, I was much better with my side angle pose.

2. I was planning on swimming tomorrow, but AJ couldn't make it so doing a workout with someone is always better than trying to do 5x200 comfortably hard on your own. So thanks AJ for making my 3000 much more enjoyable! And it was good to see you there too Arin!

3. Because workout number two was supposed to be tomorrow's workout, I still needed to do today's, which was a trainer ride. So, I got home from the swim and hopped onto Carlos for a good 45 minute ride.

Now I am tired. I should make my lunch for tomorrow. I should do some laundry. But, I think I am going to take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow is long run day and I still have a tad bit of a sore throat.

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