Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, January 30

Nothing says "Happy 32!" like a 3 hour spin class. I don't know if I was still recovering from my Friday activities or what, but it was a tough class! And the AC wasn't working in the spin room, so... yeah, gross.

As normal, I was STARVING after this class. However, it wasn't because I had just finished the 3 hour spin, it was because I made a stupid mistake. I was not hungry during class, at all. I was drinking water and my 'energy' drink, but was not taking in Gu/Combos/bars/Snickers - nothing. I just wasn't hungry so I thought my body was okay. Was I WRONG! Around 2 hours and 30 minutes, I BONKED! I took a Gu and managed to make it through the last 30 minutes.
Lesson learned. Must eat a little, even if not hungry.

So what did I treat myself to after class you are wondering?
Well, my personal cook taught me how to make my own ravioli things (technically they are not raviolis, but I don't know the actual word, so ravioli thing works for me). Aren't they super cute?? And when I say "taught me how" I mean I sat on the couch and watched, waiting for them to be done :-)
Plus, they made great leftovers to throw in the freezer to heat up for a quick and yummy dinner.

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