Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow in Snowshoe!

Today got off to a slow start for everyone in the house. It must have been that glass (or bottle(s)) of wine last night...

Anyway, it was super windy and raining. Not great for the people who wanted to ski. Not great for the person who wanted the ski house to herself for a few hours. But Carolina, Sandy, Lindsey and I made the best of it and walked into town. Not sure what we were thinking as it was not a fun walk. The ran turned into snow, but we could barley see across the street to read the store names. Tragic!

We went back to the house, had lunch, made some cookies and watched the snow fall. Those that did brave the weather to ski had nothing but good things to say about the conditions and lucky for me - everyone left to check it out. WOO HOO!! So I spent the last bit of the afternoon doing my hour yoga dvd, sat in the hot tub for awhile (and it was snowing - LOVE IT!), and now about to finish this blog and read my book. All with some music in the background and snow falling outside the window.

Yup, feel free to hate.

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