Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Only 1, But A Good One

Yes, after yesterday's tri-fecta of a workout day, today was a simple long run - 60 minutes. And because it was February 16th, that obviously means I was able to run outside. Hehehehe. Being a Wisconsin girl, I LOVE that I could run outside on February 16th in pants and a long sleeve.

Anyway, I was a bit worried about today's run. I woke up sore. I was having these pains that only went away after I ate my second breakfast (seriously. Right under my ribs, above my stomach... it was odd...), so I was worried. Mr. Shorty Shorts and I talked about my expectations. How running a 9:1 for 60 minutes was more important than my speed. Get in the time and off I went.

You know what happened?!?! I had a FANTASTIC run. I couldn't believe it!!! Mr. Shorty Shorts met me on my way back and I spent the entire time telling him how great I felt. How happy I was that I hit my 5K under 39 minutes for the first time in 3 years, AND FELT GREAT!!! I really couldn't believe it. He helped me up the hill, and went to finish his hill workout as I headed back to the office.

My overall average minute per mile was super good for me. AND I was just really happy.

Would you like to know how I celebrated?!?! I left work at 5:10, met Rachna and had multiple dark cherry martinis. When I say multiple, I mean 3, but that's a lot! And they were on happy hour so I was economical too! It was a WIN WIN!

Okay, so I am just super excited. I know I am only on week 2 and will have some down times. A lot of down times. A lot of questioning why I am doing this again. But right now, I want this blog to be about how I am excited. How all the work I did this off season working on my running with Rob, going to 3 hour spin, skipping brunches with friends to get in an early swim. It seems SO worth it right now. And I am lucky to have people around me who understand when I skip other activities. To you all, thank you.

And I just hope when I am having a really rough day/week/workout - one of you 9 readers will remind me of this post. That I felt great, feel the potential, and know it is all worth it.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT!! You will have many more great days.