Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I didn't let yesterday's realization of my weekend diet get me down. However, I still had a crummy run. I know I am on a rest week, but I am also leaving on a little vaca tomorrow and won't have much time to get all my stuff in if I stretched it out as much as I probably should. Plus I felt so good last week!

But today, my run was crap. It was slower than last week and I had a higher average HR. My gait was off, my breathing felt forced, I just never got into a groove. I know that not every run will be a great one, but I was hoping for a few more good ones before I had a not so great one.

And thanks to facebook, I was talked into doing my 45 minute ride. I was dressed and ready to go, but just didn't want to. Thanks to those to talked me into my ride! It wasn't great, but it was.

So that was my day. 2 not so great workouts. But I have some time off and am excited to really take advantage of my rest week.

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