Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Lucky

Today had many MANY versions of what this post would be.

It started with how I much I hate today. The build up. The stupid jewelry commercials. BAH!
Throughout the years, regardless of my relationship status - single, dating, married, separated - it's just a reminder of where you are and there is so much pressure for Evil Heart Day. It just sucks. Okay, never been married or separated, but you know what I mean. It's a reminder that you are single or pressure to do something because some card shop says you should. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

That is what I was going to write about. But then it was about 60 degrees out so I met up with Mr. Shorty Shorts and went for a run. It was beautiful out, but super SUPER windy. I do realized that I ran outside in pants and a t-shirt, on Evil Heart Day, when it was 60 degrees, so I will take the wind.
AND, it was a great run! We started and ended together, but I held my 9:1 AND made it up the hill ALL ON MY OWN!

So that is what I was going to write about, but then I went for my swim. Toby, AJ, Jenny, even JOE made it out. All was going well - but then we got kicked out of our lane so ONE girl could use the diving board - and it cleared out 2 lanes. We then got kicked out of another lane because we were too fast and this a-hole lonely guy got pi$$ed, complained and got us kicked out. But by this point all the other lanes were so full, and the lifeguards weren't moving people around, so the entire swim was just a fail. Toby and Jenny finished the workout because they are fast and could deal. I turned into a whinny b*tch and couldn't find a lane I liked so just went to the hot tub.

This was going to be my post about how WILSON SUCKS. Great pool. HORRIBLE LIFEGUARDS AND SCHEDULING! But then we all went to dinner and had a really good time. And I came home to the most perfect card from my parents this year. Open it up and it says "We Love You". Melts my cold-dead-for-this-Evil-Heart-Day-heart, just a tad.

So that is what I decided to write about. Thanks for the cupcake. The heart shaped peppermint patty. Text messages. Phone call. E-mails. Run. Swim. Dinner laughs. Card. I am pretty luck to be loved, and reminded of this on Evil Heart Day.

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