Friday, February 11, 2011

First Full Week

My reason for not posting this week is simple. I was actually working out. Go Me!! This is the workout I was supposed to do last week, but because of jury duty and getting sick (and I still have a bit of a cough. boo.) Coach and I decided it was best to not rush into things. I have time.

So, instead of doing a post on each day, here is a rundown of the week's activities.

Monday, Feb 7.
It was a beautiful day and I was basking in the glow of a Super Bowl victory by my Packers. Without even talking about it, Mr. Shorty Shorts and I both brought in our outdoor clothing for a run. He needed a stretching run, I needed and easy 30 minutes. We headed out and Mr. Shorty Shorts, a significantly faster runner than I, stuck with me the entire time. My goal was to see if I could maintain the 9:1 outside as I have been on the treadmill. And you know what; I DID (with the exception of 1 stop light and part of a hill)!! I was super happy with myself, especially because I know I would have walked more on my own. It was good to push a bit and have someone there to help encourage me.
This was followed up by a swim in the evening. And honestly, probably not the best idea. You know that feeling when you go under water and it feels like your ears are going to explode? Yup, that's what it felt like. I managed to get in about 2000 meters before calling it quits. I made it home and cooked a healthy dinner with enough for lunch leftovers.
I was pretty happy with the day's activities.

Tuesday, Feb 8
I think you 9 readers know what day Tuesday is - YOGA STEVE! I had to cut the class a bit short because of a meeting, but I was happy with the 50 minutes I got in. Later in the evening I met up with a Steelers fan and I let her drown her sorrows in beer and tots. Of course I hid my happiness and shared in the tears. And beer. And tots. BUT, I did get home and spent 45 minutes on my trainer! WOOT!
I know; beer, tots, AND a trainer ride - I'm awesome.

Wednesday, Feb 9
Long run day. My plan was to take off of work around 1:15, hop on a treadmill, and get back to my desk by 3 to finish the day. Mr. Shorty Shorts was going to join me half way into my run to do his hill workout. But, 1:25, there were no treadmills to be had. I had to sit on a bike for a good 10 minutes until one opened up! Stupid other people messing up my workouts!
Again, my goal was to slow my pace, but hold a 9:1 for an hour. The first 20 minutes were great. The third 10 minutes were okay. I was super lucky because Mr. Shorty Shorts made it onto a treadmill next to me to start his workout just as mine was going south. My HR was too high, I was getting dehydrated, and even felt a bit nauseous. However, Mr. Shorty Shorts was awesome and kept me motivated to keep going. AND, I made the 9:1 for 60 minutes! Okay, so the last one was a 2 minute walk break to get the HR down a bit more, and I started my cool down after the 60 minutes, but still. It was awesome! I really couldn't tell you the last time I ran that much in a 60 minute time frame. Fast, no, but FANTASTIC for me.
How did I celebrate, with a swim with AJ. I still had water in my ears from Monday, but I decided to try again. And again, probably not the best choice. But, AJ and I motivated each other enough to get in a decent workout, another 2000 meters. Woot!

Thursday, Feb 10
Bike day!
Because I follow the quiet hours in my building (unlike my ridiculously loud upstairs neighbors who do not and also do not have 80% of their floor covered) I can't do my trainer ride in the morning, and I had plans with Jess at night. So, since it was only 35 minutes, I went to the gym and did the stationary bike. It wasn't ideal, but better than nothing, AND I got to read my book. Had this been last week, I would have just ditched the workout all together. So, again, YAY ME!

Finally, today, Friday, Feb 11

And now catch up on my blog during my lunch day.

My plan is tomorrow do a brick with a 30 minute bike and 30 minute run. Sunday is 3 hour spin. At some point food needs to be purchased, laundry done, and dishes cleaned. This week has taught me that I need to work a bit better on time management, and it will come. I managed to do this all once before, and am excited to get started again.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading this week’s update!!


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Sounds like a pretty good week.