Tuesday, July 20, 2010


That is basically how the day went. (NOTE - and for those of you who don't know burmp - a statement used after a disappointing comment. awful, unlucky, that sucks, too bad, unfortunate)

I woke up at 5:40 a.m. to meet Karen at HP for some laps. When I saw that parts of Connecticut Avenue and Rock Creek Parkway were shut down due to "Police Activity", I should have taken the hint.

We started off fine, cruzin' along and about half way through our second lap, I could just feel it. Another bleeping flat on my back tire. I turned around and rode as far as I could back to my car until I hopped off and walked. I wasn't going to get all dirty to change my back tire just to go a mile back to my car. The moment it happened, I knew I was going to head to Conte's to get new tires. I thought about it, I had one original tire and one new tire. Thankfully, I kept a blog back then and could look up my previous tire issues to see that this happened in July of 2008. I figured it had been at least 2500-3000 miles for each tire and new ones were needed.

I made it home, eventually, hopped on the metro to go to work and it said 15 minutes until the next train. And the platform was PACKED! So, I got on a train heading north, away from my office, to find a station tad less crowded (3 stop), and eventually made it to the work (about an hour after I left).

As I was crabby, it didn't make for a great work day. I left a tad early to head up to Conte's to see what they had. When I got there (and they are starting to recognize me again - or at least Blain. He is very noticeable.) I explained my tire issues. They were very nice and said I still probably had a few 100 miles or so left, but no. I don't like dealing with flats, it was worth the money for new ones, so they started asking what kind of tires I wanted.
Me "The kind where I won't get a flat".
Them "okay, what about weight".
Me "The amount that won't give me a flat".
Them "do you have race and training tires?"
Me, first I giggled, then said "I want the kind where I won't get a flat - please".
I think they got the point.

Unfortunately, they were out of the kind that won't give you flats. So I left Blain there over night and he should be ready tomorrow. And (hopefully) no more flats.

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