Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday's Ride and Sunday's Treat

What a good ride!

Friday night started with a really good dinner with great friends. I am sorry to Diane and Mary Elizabeth for pretty much falling asleep in my wine. But, I had to be up at 5:30.

And this time, my alarm worked! I was up, and at our meeting spot, clipped in with Sandy by 6:35. Why so early you may ask - because it was already 85 degrees!!! Humid, hazy, and gross. It was actually hard to see out of our glasses because they kept fogging up.

Overall, the ride went pretty well - given the conditions. And by conditions, I mean HOT! Sandy was great and stuck with me, waited for me at the top of the hills, and took me on a much shadier route to get to the turnaround point in Poolesville. There were a few other DC Tri friends there, which made it even better.

But the BEST part of the stop - the most brilliant nutrition decision I ever made. If anyone remembers, one of my favorite Ironman stories from the bike was when the guy passed me with about 6 Snickers bars in his back jersey. About mile 70, I saw a Snickers on the ground and had never been so tempted to take something off the ground and eat it. (For the record, I did NOT take the Snickers off the ground.) I figured if I even get the chance to eat a Snickers off the ground again, I should train with Snickers. So a Snickers I ate. And it was DELICIOUS!!! I cannot even describe how wonderful it was. And yes, it was 9 am. I am convinced that is why I had very few problems on the way back. Because it just became hotter and hotter and hotter.

I did the best I could with taking water, Gatorade, and electrolytes. I kept pouring water on the back of my neck and head to stay as cool as I good. That all helped, but I am pretty sure it was the Snickers.

After we all got back to the cars, 60 miles later, Karen, Lindsey and I headed back out to do just a bit more on the flat parts. Of course, 1 mile into our extra ride - I got a flat. On the BACK TIRE! And was my chain clean.... NNNNnnnnoooooo..... I was too tired the night before. Oh well - I did successfully change the tire with help Karen and Lindsey. Solidarity ladies. Solidarity.

Overall, 62 miles and 3719 calories burned. AWESOME!

I earned all the bbq and ice cream I ate last night. And today.

But that wasn't today's treat. This was

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