Friday, July 2, 2010

My Plan

After a tough day at work today (Ha! I mean really, it is DEAD here today. There are maybe 5 people in the office...) I am heading up to Deep Creek Lake for some training. The training is on the SavageMan Triathlon course - also known as the "World's Most Beautiful and Most Savage Triathlons". The Olympic course I am planning on riding will be challenging for me, but not bananas like the Half course that other people are doing.

Me (and possible Carolina, Tammy and Mimi)
Others (people who are bananas)
My course is about 23 miles with some climbs. If all goes well, I might do it twice.
Or I found last year's SavageMan Olympic course cue sheet and might do both courses.
Or I might go with Carolina's plan and "just play in the lake and get drunk. I don't need no stinkin' cue sheet for that." I mean, I do owe her after missing out on our Cleveland Park adventure...

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