Friday, July 30, 2010

That Was Fun!

I took the day off to hang out with some kids doing their first triathlon. It is this great nonprofit organization called Achieve. They have kids from different wards within the city and in 6 weeks, teach them all about swimming, biking, running, training, nutrition, and lots of other valuable lessons for kids. My job, I was an athlete tracker. I made sure my athlete did 4 lengths of the pool (100 yards), 10 laps on the bike (5K/3.1 miles), and 3 laps for the run (0.75 miles-ish). It was AWESOME! He did such a great job. And super fast on the bike. It was a really good time. I am very luck my boss lets me take off last minute for events like this. Thanks Boss!

Now, Shannon, Tammy and I are heading down to Cambridge for a training weekend. Why, because we like pain. It should be an interesting time... And Tammy's car just went WAY up in value.

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