Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week Catch Up Post

Hi. I know, I was doing better. I even have a whole new background/look to the blog (and a note to those of you who only read this on google reader, check it out!!) but I am not sure what happened this week.

Tuesday night I went to dinner with a friend to discuss his first Ironman. Somehow dinner turned into 4+ hours of pure Ironman and triathlon talk. It was awesome. And he signed up for another and I am sure he will do just as well.

Yesterday, I compromised with myself to skip my swim so I could make a healthy dinner and do laundry, and do a double today. A morning ride and evening swim before Project Runway watching with Diane and Mary Elizabeth. Also, I did another practice run with my new form yesterday so I figured I was okay. Good plan, right?
They are always good plans on paper...

This morning I crawled out of bed to bike with Brooke, Mary Elizabeth, Karen and Erica. We don't all ride together, but we are all out there at the same time so it's close enough... Anyway, it was a good ride, especially considering how humid it was.

I made it through a crummy day at work and really tried to talk my self into going to the pool (even though Mary Elizabeth was at the bar waiting for PR to start). So I did what anyone would do - ask the Magic 8 ball. And it said "All signs point to no" or some type of negative "DON'T GO" way. But, I figured, what does a Magic 8 Ball know??? Going to the pool was the right thing to do. Big mistake. Huge.

I left work and of course, metro was broken so it took about an hour to get too the station. Of course, this being DC, there was a typical freak DC thunderstorms, and I turned the corner and got soaked. I got to the pool and of course, there was a masters practice going on, which took up 4 of the 8 lanes. Also, of course, there was water aerobics class taking up 2 more lanes. That left 2 lanes for the general public, but I was there and of course decided to go anyway. Until I got to the locker room and realized I forgot my lock. Of course I did. And there was NO way I was leaving all my stuff in a locker to go swim. Enough was enough and I finally took my cue to not swim and go eat queso instead (which Diane bought for those of you keeping track of my new year's resolution).

Lesson in all of this. Always listen to the Magic 8 ball.

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