Monday, July 26, 2010

Jellies Are No Fun

NOTE - I started this post on Saturday afternoon, but blogspot changed the way they do the posting.  Now it shows when it's posted vs. when I meant for it to be posted...

I did my good deed this morning by helping out with a swim clinic. And why was it a good deed. One word. JELLYFISH! They didn't look so bad when I took this picture I took at the Georgia aquarium. Man, was I wrong.

Sandy Point State Park had a nice sign that said "Swimmers Beware of Jellyfish". Also, Tammy said they were bad, but I had no idea they were that bad. When you walked about a foot into the beach, you could see the little suckers. Or stingers.

I have been stung before by jellyfish, but not like this. They were everywhere! I am just really glad I on my wetsuit, even though it was the hottest day of the year. They did a pretty good job nipping at my left foot and right shoulder as I was doing my in water rescue support.

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