Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh My Legs!!

First of all - sorry for the delay in posts about Deep Creek, I have had some computer issues. The posts have been written, but couldn't get them to upload. Silly computers...

Anyway, Mary Elizabeth and I decided to meet up this morning to go for a ride. There is no way I would have gone if I wasn't meeting her. It was 85 degrees at 5:45 IN THE MORNING! With horrible humidity. Blah!!

But we got there, said hi to AJ and all the other fast people, and we were clipped in by 6:30. It was good ride! But my legs are feeling it. They weren't so happy to be back on the bike, pedaling again. Especially in the heat. And once we were done, my hair. HA! I was thankful no one around had a camera.

Remember Snowmageddon... Those were the days...

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