Sunday, July 4, 2010

That Was Nice

No, not the ride, but the people I rode with.

After everyone crushed the half course yesterday, I really didn't feel like I could complain about how my legs felt. They rode twice as far as I did and climbed more than twice my total. So when we all clipped in for our 25 miles of the new Oly course, I felt bad "ouch"ing as loud as the rest of them.

We headed out and I was quickly left behind. I was hurting, I was on a slow steady incline, I was dropped and feeling bad for myself and very much wanting to turn around. But I kept going and on the first left turn, there was everyone. When I asked if all was okay, they just said they wanted to keep it as a fun casual ride. So nice!! And I was really happy I didn't turn around (as there is horrible cell service and no one would have received a message).

We hit our first climb and I saw everyone slowly fade away in the distance. This was immediately followed by a fast decent right when it ended, I turned the corner and sure enough - there was everyone again. I felt a few tears start to form as everyone was talking about their top speeds going down the hill and I realized when you max out at 45.7 mph, your eyes water.

We kept going and on the second climb, just as everyone made it to the top, I started to fall over. I made a pathetic "OOhhhmmmmuuuuuhhhhhwww" sound as I fell onto the gravely side of the road. Luckily, I was going about 3 mph so it didn't hurt too badly - just shook me up a bit. After walking Blain up to some level ground, I got back on and tried to catch up with everyone. Once I did, there was one more climb. I told a few people to just go, as I was having a rough time, and I would see them all back at the house.

Sure enough, that last climb killed me. I clipped out and started to have a panic attack. Short breaths, shaking, mad, frustrated, and hating biking, life, and myself. 2 days of riding hills, by far being the worst in the group (and yes, I know it was a ridiculously talented group of bikers I was with... but still), it all just got to me on Foy Road. Not very helpful when you are still 10 miles from the house.

I managed to calm myself down enough to get back on and keep going. The rest of the ride was back to the rollers I enjoy and started to hate biking a bit less. Once I got back to the house, everyone was on their way out for a run (see, they are a ridiculously talented group triathletes) and I decided to go for a walk. I forgot a hat and water bottle so didn't want to push it, but I also didn't just want to sit around and feel bad for myself.

The walk helped. It was beautiful out and I veered off the road onto one of the trails, which was really nice. I was still in a bit of a mood when I got back, but after a shower and a delicious breakfast, I was feeling much better.


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