Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brooke Can FLY!!

Literally. Her butterfly stroke is AWESOME!! The workout had us doing 2-200 IM's.
I was all - "I do one arm fly because I am a wimp. But it's good for the abs. Ya know..."
Brooke is all "Right"
She makes me go first, I do my 1 arm fly, hit the wall for my turn and she is RIGHT THERE doing the full stroke! And looking AWESOME!! Once we finished the 200 I look at her and say
"Dang GIRL!! You have a great fly!"
And she's all "Yeah, that used to be my stroke." In this totally 'I kick butt' way.
Right - see above, at my jacka$$ comment. Sometimes Brooke, how do you put up with me?!?!? But I am glad you do!!

We had a pretty good workout - for 5:45 am. We also had to do 2-200 kick. On the first one, I am kicking away, get close to the end and say hi to the lifeguard who is ALWAYS there that early. When I was hard core swimming the past few years, I would always see him. So, I smile, say hi and he says
"It's been awhile since you have been here" or something like that. I was totally called out by the lifeguard on not swimming. Really!?!? Dang. I was put in my place, TWICE by 6:45 A.M.

I just used a whole lot of capital letters in this post. Not sure why, guess I was just trying to emphasize certain points. And yes, I only had one cup of coffee (a latte made by me) 8 and a half hours ago so a caffeine boost is not the reason - but that would be nice right now.

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