Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yup, Plantar Fasciitis

After a rough and slow start to the morning, I made it to the Podiatrist only 5 minutes late. But, had metro been running efficiently (hey, I can dream) I would have been on time. Anyway, I get to the room, the doctor comes in hyped up on way too much caffeine, and we start chatting about my foot. Did you know you were supposed to be able to flex your foot a tad past 90 degrees!?!? I don't fully understand that because I don't know how ankle should move like that. But, my flexibility is that area is pretty bad and I was closer to 80 degrees. He then pushes my foot in places that make tears come to my eyes and confirms the plantar fasciitis. We take some x-rays for heel spurs and sure enough, I have one. But not only one on my right foot, but my left as well - even though lefty doesn't hurt (yet).

So now I have to do stretches before I get out of bed in the morning - like I needed another excuse to stay in bed longer!! Ice. Take ibuprofen - which I declined. I took so much for my IM training, I wanted to take a break from it, which he said was okay. When he asked how long this has been going on, I said mid June/July; he almost fell off his chair. Apparently I have a high pain tolerance. But, when it came to giving me the cortisone shot, I hid behind my plantar fasciitis brochure. I don't like needles. I don't pass out or anything - well, maybe the last time I gave blood, but not usually; I just don't like needles.

When I asked if I could still run, that I was only doing 5-7 miles 2-3 times a week, he (unfortunately) said that was fine. I have a follow up on the 30th to get fitted for new orthotics. Woo-Hoo!! Hopefully all this will help the ankle too, as we don't know if the swelling is still from the clip out during the race, the fall when hiking, or changing the way I walk due to my foot. Rest and time will tell.

So to celebrate, I had a cheese steak for lunch as I was still craving comfort food from yesterday.

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