Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Still Here

What a weekend and I can't believe it's already Tuesday! Suzie was in town and we had a really good time. Lots of catching up, a few beers here and there, some decorating for the holidays (this is not my house or tree) and just an overall good time.

We walked a lot so I figured this was good enough for working out this weekend.

Yesterday was some quality time on the stair master and belly dancing class. We had a sub teacher and she kicked butt! Literally! Mine was pretty sore. And my arms. And abs. I liked her so much I am thinking of signing up for the full 16 week beginner 1 class starting in January.

And today was full of meetings and running errands. Tons of shopping as I am planning for my favorite party of the year - my cookie decorating party!!!

That's about all I have for now. Not very exciting, but having fun.

Stay warm!!


jaydchad said...

Who is Suzie trying to impress with that Pepsi in her hand. :)

No longer IM Moo Wannabe said...

I know! We had two sodas each before we hit the wine.

Some of those guys have never seen me drink anything other than wine/vodka/beer/water.

Wait - should I be saying this to my dad...