Monday, December 29, 2008

Stupid "Why Not" Decisions

NOTE - pretend this was posted yesterday, December 28. Thanks

Today was one of those days where you are so glad to live in a city that can be 60 degrees in December. Not much sun and a big chance of rain, but 60 degrees!! Wonderful to not be cold.

I couldn't let the day drift away without being outside; so I laced up my shoes and headed to Rock Creek Park to check out some trails I always wanted to see.
I won't say it was hiking - some of you may remember my last attempt at hiking, but I would call it walking on trails that involved a lot of uphills but no rock scrambling. I dragged Adam along with me to check out some of these trails and decided to picked one with green marks. Once we stumbled upon the Nature Center, we grabbed some maps and plotted our course.

Again, it was a beautiful day, some blue sky at times, so we figured why not do the entire park. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Once we got to Maryland at the Boundry Bridge (see map on left - notice the Start/End I pointed out and where Maryland is located and where the park meets MD...) and had to walk back, I was kind of wondering that "why not" decision.
But, it felt really good to be outside and exercise. I haven't done that much in a long time. It was 8+ miles with more uphill than down (which I know isn't possible when you start and stop at the same point but it really feels more uphill!!).

And this was celebrated by a very long wait for a pizza delivery of "The Natural" - which was actually pretty good. Or I was really hungry.

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