Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My New Ride

What do you think?? Don't I look cute!?!?!
It is a dark pink/maroon Harley!! I saw it and was drawn to my new bike. Not that I would ever think of leaving Blain :-)

I did learn that Harley Davidson did make bicycles at one point in time. Look, I even took a picture. I love my Cervelo, but if Harley went back to making bikes, I would probably pick one up. Just to be bad ass.

I am obviously home in G-dale. Pretty lucky, only a 2 and a half hour delay yesterday. I know a lot of people who were much worse off. Today we (I) did last minute Christmas shopping and headed off to the Harley Davidson museum. It was pretty interesting.

I hope you all have a very wonder Christmas eve - for those of you who celebrate! To the rest of you, happy December 24th!!


cheecholina said...

I love the pic!!!

Janel B said...

You on that motorcycle totally makes me think of Batgirl and her motorcycle from the 60's TV show!

And love the old retro bikes they have there - too bad they don't make those anymore.