Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Odd Places Still Hurt

It's been an interesting few days. I am really trying to figure out how to have successful workouts and not have it be too overwhelming on my self.

Yesterday I hit up the stationary bike again. Last time, not so good. This time, a bit better. But, the way the bike is set, you can lean forward on your forearms - slightly closer to a real bike. So I am biking and my right arm starts to hurt. It took a few minutes to realized - that dang fall!! My arm is still slightly bruised and couldn't handle the pressure. Not good.

Belly dancing class was fun, but more shoulder crunching. However, what I am more concerned about is my right ankle. When we were stretching, sitting cross legged, my right ankle cracked, and not in the good way. This has been hurting since IM Moo, when I clipped out poorly at a stop. And the fall didn't help - as it's still swollen (not enough to be picture worthy - I tried). It's really bothering me, along with some heal issues - which is more than likely plantar fasciitis. Boo! I have the number of a doctor that Jess saw, I just haven't had the chance to call.

Wow, this is a bit more whinny than I meant when I started writing. Sorry.

Good things. I learned how to make glazed pork chops. Okay, I stood in the kitchen, watched, and ate them. My BF Suzie is on her way out to visit on Friday. YAY! And I am slowly getting into the holiday spirit.

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