Monday, December 29, 2008

Way Better Than Expected

NOTE - Please pretend this was posted on Saturday, Dec. 27. Thanks.

My flight back to DC this morning wasn't too bad expect for the fact it was way early, and I was leaving G-Dale. I wanted to see a few more people, but just ran out of time. Given the weather (snow, rain, fog, ice...) I was very lucky to have as few problems getting in and out of town as I did.

So got home and threw in a movie. Now my parents are always really good with gifts and throw in some funny/cute stuff. One of them was the movie Ironman. Now you may recall, I was boycotting the movie. I hated the fact (and still kind of do) that when I Google search Ironman, the first (and majority) of posts and images are from the movie. BOO!!

Anyway, I of course didn't tell Mom and Dad this (they know now...) thanked them and decided to give it a chance.
Let me tell you - it's a good movie. WAY better than expected!! Funny, fast moving, decent story line (it doesn't take much with me). I am really glad they got it for me and will definitely watch again.

I only wish they would have somehow worked in a joke about swimming/biking/running for 140.6 miles.

Maybe in the sequel.

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