Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Ran... But Now I Can't Walk


This morning I got up to meet up with Jess on her run. She started early and I said I would join her for the second half. After not running much, I wasn't up for 8, but figured I could handle 4. Well, as we were trotting along, all felt fine. We had a decent run and managed to stay warm (even though it was 40 and I have friends in MN who are running in 0 degree weather).

After the run we grabbed some bagels and coffee. Right next store was Georgetown Cupcake, so of course we stopped by for a few. After a mishap with my order, I had 2 lemon berry and a vanilla chocolate. I wasn't a fan of them the last time but always willing to try again. Honestly, still not a fan. I am very happy my favorite cupcake place, Hello Cupcake, is much closer. Oh, and if anyone cares, my FAVORITE is the Princess cupcake, vanilla with strawberry frosting :-)

Anyway, after some stretching, weights, sit-ups and a shower, I took a nap. I just woke up, went to get off the couch and almost fell over. I guess my foot isn't better as I hoped. My next appointment is the 30th and hopefully we can figure something out.

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