Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Have a lot going on"

Sometimes this is a good, meaningful statement.
Example #1 - "Hey, I haven't heard from you in awhile."
Response - "Yeah, I have had a lot going on, sorry."
Example #2 - "Where is that project you were supposed to have on my desk!?!?!"
Response - "Sorry, I have a lot going on with..."

Other times, it's not something you want to hear
"Well, you have terrible plantar fasciitis, a really bad heel spur, an irritated bunion, swollen and sprained ankle - you have a lot going on" as an explanation for all the pain in my right foot. Not good, just not good.

This is how my morning started at the foot doctor. They did a plaster molding thing of both feet that made me feel I was back in 4th grade art class (and this picture is almost exactly the way it looked).

Hopefully the inserts that will be custom built and arrive in 2-3 weeks, will help. Otherwise, I am not sure what other options I have left.

And I TOTALLY should have asked to keep the molds.

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