Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Am Surprised and Very Honored

Yesterday was the DC Tri Club annual meeting, followed by a Kona viewing party. I decided to run for the board of directors for the club about 4 weeks ago. I did not have a good first experience when I first joined but gave it another chance when I signed up for IM Moo. I met Brooke and she changed my views on the club (see when everything is her fault ;-). Over the past year I volunteered more, went to events, met more people who were not hard core/fast/tri is the only thing in life, people. After I did the Ironman talk, I met even more people who (I hope) realized they can do anything they really want and put their minds towards.

Anyway I found out on Friday I was voted into the Board. I ran on the 'platform' of getting more people out to do events who are a bit more scared/worried about being slow/whatever the reason and try to get them more comfortable and take advantage of all the club has to offer. So, I am very excited to be on the board. I hope it works out.

Also, they did awards at the meeting; volunteer of the year, rookie of the year, most improved, etc. There is also a "Spirit of DC Tri" award. Someone nominated me and I was very surprised to learn I won. Now, I think someone else might have had the most votes and won a different award, but either way, I am extremely surprised and honored.

Oh, and they recognized the first time 70.3 and 140.6 finishers. Once again, I had to stand up, and once again, embarrassed. They gave out pint glasses with the DC Tri club logo on one side and "I went the distance" on the other. Awesome!!

So, this next year should be interesting. I don't have many races and really want to focus my energy to the club and being a board member. I want to help others train for their races, support their events and share my experiences when I can.

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