Friday, December 26, 2008


That is the only word to describe the past few days. Okay, there are a few other words as well, it being Christmas and all, but that really is the main word. Last year I was so good about my eating and going to the gym. I was in training, my race was 9 months away. Now, my race was almost 4 months ago and the phrase "letting myself go" is an understatement. I brought my stuff home to go to the Y and it never made it out of my suitcase.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing! My favorite G-Dale places to eat. My mom's wonderful gooey caramel fudge brownies. Brunch with The Girls at our place. Lots of wine... Ummm... But it's getting a bit out of control. I am getting winded going up a flight of stairs - just not good.

Tomorrow I head back to DC. It was a short trip home, but a good one. Hopefully I can get to the store, buy good (healthy) food and start the new year off right!!

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