Monday, December 22, 2008

Zoo Lights!

Last night Arin took advantage of his Smithsonian discount and got tickets to Zoo Lights for M.E., Diane and I. Unfortunately a few others couldn't make it but the four of us had a great time. And a side note - CONGRATULATIONS BROOKE AND SHANE!!! (Hope it's okay I just did that...)

Now you may be wondering why I keep blogging about things that don't involve working out. If you are wondering this, you have never been to the National Zoo. One word describes the zoo. It's not panda (although they are super cute and we really want another baby panda), or animals, but HILLS. So I am counting yesterdays stroll through Zoo Lights as a workout.

Today - I have no excuse. I couldn't get out of bed to workout in the morning, went to lunch instead of the gym and packing/cleaning tonight before my flight tomorrow. I need to start making better choices as my belt is no longer fitting where it was... not good, not good.

Anyway, tomorrow's high in G-Dale - 27, a heatwave considering today's high was 6. Yup, I am so NOT working out outside, but hopefully will make it to the Y a few times. Wish me warm!

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