Sunday, August 7, 2011

5.5 Out of 7 Isn't Too Bad...

As in 5 and a half hours out of 7 that I was supposed to do on the bike today.

But first, let me back track to the past few days.
Thursday I met my Personal Cook in New York City. He was there for work and I was happy to join for a few days. I wish it could have been the entire weekend, but alas, I have that pesky training to do. 5 WEEKS!

Anyway, it was totally worth it as I got to go on the floor of the NYSE!
I also got some training in. I missed my brick (sleep won) but I did manage about an hour 'run'. Running through NYC was kind of like Frogger. Dodge the people, buses, taxis, and bikes. Oh, and try to find my way around. But I managed even if my Garmin couldn't find me - silly skyscrapers. So I wandered around, ran when I could, and found my way to the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn't have a great run - went way to fast when I could run, but I did have a great time.

Saturday was spent walking all around the city. We stumbled upon one of the coolest things, they close down Park Ave for Summer Streets. So we could just walk down the middle of the street! Also, because we were limited on time, we decided not to have meals, but snacks. So we could have bagels with a cream cheese mixing bar, sushi at the Plaza hotel, and a pretzel from a specialty beer bar. Cookies, cannoli, and a mini cheese cake too. We had a great time.

But then today's ride happened. It was a scheduled 7 hour ride. Right away, I knew it was going to be rough. It was already 80 and WAY humid. I kind of had a planned route, but not really because I had 7 hours, and loops don't bother me. Around 2 hours I was out of water and my stomach was massively cramping. On my side trip to the market, I started seeing stars. Not.Good.

So after I wandered around the store in the AC, I called Karen, crying. I was just so frustrated. She offered to pick me up and I just felt like a wimp. Yes my stomach wasn't holding water and I was seeing stars, but I was only 2 and a half hours into my 7 hour ride. She suggested I ride 5 miles, and call (as she was still willing to pick me up). So I rode to the corner. Head towards the car, or to Poolsville.

I chose Poolsville.

5 hours and 40 minutes later. Pain in my foot, a few back twinges, heat rash on my right thigh, and more stomach cramps, I made it back to my car. I also had to stop a few more times to cool down and refuel. I talked to the PC who has a special way of being supportive and making everything black and white. He said do what I need to do to get back, and try again next week. So simple...
Through out the day I tired ginger ale, Starbucks iced coffee, and coke - all to help the stomach and for the caffeine. Accelerade - not so much. Gu - no. Chomps - definitely not. Combos - those were okay. Not a lot to go on, but as Karen reminded me, it was good mentally.

And when I was done, before I put anything in the car or got my flip flops, I just laid down in the grass. Until I heard thunder. It was the first time I couldn't get myself to even walk 20 minutes after a ride. But considering I started crying 2 and a half hours in, I was happy I made it as long as I did. I mean I was so hot I didn't want to be in aero (not just because of my stomach) but because I was closer to the heat coming off of the road. Just.Gross.

So, yeah. The weekend was great. The ride not so much. Tomorrow morning I have a long run which means I need to stop typing and go to bed.

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