Monday, August 29, 2011

I Will Try Almost Anything

At this point, I am very much wanting a magical cure that will fix all my physical issues NOW. However, I know that is not realistic so I am going with Plan B - try whatever my PT suggests. During my session this morning, I explained what happened on the bike and how hills did not go well - and that this is concerning because Wisconsin is a hilly course. She wasn't that concerned, and said I should talk to Coach about having an 'aggressive taper'. Do stuff, but not to the point of pain. Plus, my core work has improved, especially in terms of stabilization. This was good and the progress has been noticeable.

So given all those factors, and 2 weeks to the race, she suggested Dry Needling. I remembered Kelzie having a post about dry needling from SSPT, so I figured why not. I had a bit of a hard time fully relaxing with all the needles in my back, but all seemed to go okay. The back muscles twitched as they were supposed to and I should know in a day or two how successful the treatment went.

And then I went to the pool for my swim - which I was allowed to do. But, dry needling and swimming = a very unhappy back.

Oh well, I will keep trying anything and everything people suggest. And as Dena told me tonight "Things don't often work out as planned, however they always work out as they should".

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