Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pile It On!

I am in my last, I repeat LAST, major build phase. BAH!

It's a bit scary, but I am feeling okay. Not great, which is no surprise. Most people don't really feel prepared as when they are training, so that is pretty normal.

Sunday was a fun brick. I saw a few people on the bike which was fun and distracting. I then met up with Shannon and Julie for my run. Also, nice and distracting.

Monday I got the day off. I spent yesterday sitting on the metro for over an hour trying to get home. Not the relaxing evening I was hoping for. But, I still managed to get 4 loads of laundry done which is currently all over my living room.

Today was a bike. I went back to Hains Point, where I haven't been in awhile. It was boring, but super good for cadence, which I always need work on.
Tonight was also a swim. Which kind of stunk. Not sure why, the speed was actually right where I should be - not far off from my 'normal' 2000 meter time. But it just felt off and I didn't want to be in the pool. But, I has happy I put in the time.

Tomorrow, another brick.

Yay build phase!

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