Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Reason I Am Lucky

About 2 weeks ago, I posted about how lucky I am. I had a little mental breakthrough about my ability to swim/bike/run and how no matter what happens, all will be okay. And I am SSSOOO lucky I had that realization when I did - i.e. before my back/butt/hip/SI went all crazy.

Also, I have very supportive friends and family. And I am not just talking about the support they have shown me over the past week. I have been meaning to post about this for awhile, so tonight just seemed to be a good time.

When Sandy and I headed to Lake Placid, I hopped into her car to start our road trip and she handed me a present.I have felt better ever since!

Also at Lake Placid, Karen gave me a little "Congrats on your LP Half" (before she realized I was 1 mile over and 5 miles short).How cute! And I now have my race day socks.

Finally at Lake Placid, I received and AWESOME sherpa present from Alejandro.
He had such an amazing race and I was so happy to be there for his day. And yes, I know it's not a great pic (of me, Alejandro looks great), but I wanted to get the shirt in, and not just my back. Oh well.

Now we get to my family. The best brother in the world sent me a "You will do great" card. Unfortunately (actually, fortunately) the mail system was a tad delayed in getting me the card. So, he sent another card. They arrived the same day. So, fortunately, I got 2 cards :-) Thanks best brother ever!

And my parents. They have sent me inspirational presents every month. Their constant and support and understanding of my choices for these crazy activities is nothing less than amazing. And your humor is spot on. Thank you. And thank you for more than just the presents.

Tomorrow - I get to ride. Hopefully for 2-3 hours, pending any pain and Irene...

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SandyC said...

You parents are hilarious! I love all the cow paraphernalia they've sent you. I'm looking forward to meeting them in WI! It was so good to see you out on the bike today! 2 more weeks!!