Monday, August 8, 2011

I Need A Different Attitude

This morning's 'run' did not go as hoped. And I am getting a little tired of my workouts going into the "well, I didn't quit" category. I am out of time for this!!

I wanted to go 2.5 hours and made it 2 hours and 5 minutes. One hour in, I knew 2.5 wasn't going to happen. 1.5 in I just couldn't run any more. I tried to bribe myself, distract myself, do anything I could, but nothing worked. I tried to focus on forum, dropped down to a 1:1 (from a 4:1, that went to a 3:2, that went to a 2:1), but there because a point where my hamstrings said no. And the razor blades inside my stomach didn't help either. I tried to power walk and walk with a purpose, but that failed me as well. I just hobbled back to the office to start my work day.

Realistically, the plan has always been to walk a large part of the marathon. However, I was hoping my long runs would have been a bit more successful than they have been.

I feel like I am out of time, and out if ideas.
Any suggestions?

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Katie said...

Having had two pretty sorry workouts myself this past weekend, I have a few thoughts for you.

1) ONLY 1 MONTH LEFT! It's practically taper!!!! Stay strong!

2) It's really hard to run 2.5 hours on a hot morning, on a day after you've ridden 5+ hours. Especially knowing that it's a Monday - psychologically, I'm sure that has an effect. I know, I know, on D-Day, you will have to run far longer immediately after riding even more hours, but the day of IM is a different animal (or so I imagine). Have you been giving your body enough rest time? Also, are you taking enough salt pills? I think that was the downfall on my run this weekend.

3) Don't forget that you have done this before. Easy, peasy! And I'm guessing you're in better shape this time around (and with many more bicycles!). The first time around, weren't there lots of failed workouts? I bet there were, and you still finished on the day of.

4) AJ or Runner's World (I can't remember which) once told me that getting an extra hour's sleep a few nights during the week had the same beneficial effect as a long workout. Maybe you should indulge in some Zs leading up to the race - or at least for a week to see if it makes you feel any better.

Ok, that's enough rambling from me. But good luck getting your spirits back up. That's got to be more important than fitting in every scheduled workout. :)

PS - my blogger word verification is "fastsi." That's like fast + yes in Spanish. Fast? Yes! Good omen, my friedn!