Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thanks Girls At The Gym

(Wednesday's Post)

I feel that not many funny things have happened to me this year. I haven't fallen over as much (thank you Power Balance Band - more on that in a later post). Snot rockets haven't been as needed - Allegra works. And this is really my third year of endurance training. Sometimes I forget that I did 2 aqua velo halves (technically 1, but I still biked in a race 56 miles) and one full AV (2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike). Yes, they were all flat courses, but still... This training thing has become part of my daily life, not just a fun new challenge.

But, I can always rely on the gym in my building to provide me entertainment. Especially today.

I walked into the locker room to change, it was around noon-thirty, and a woman was BELTING out whatever song was on the musiac. It Mariah Carey or something. Anyway, she could care less that there were about 7 other women changing. She just got her grove on, actually using her brush as a microphone. You Go Girl!

I got onto a treadmill to start my 30 minutes of power walking. Before I knew it, the other 3 were also in use, and there was a name on the board for the next machine. I am very aware of when people are waiting because I HATE it when people take more than their allotted 30 minutes. I could feel the woman glaring at me from the StairMaster, but the moment my time went from 29.59 to 30.00, I hit stop and got off. She promptly got on (before I could wipe it down), took her hair down from a centered ponytail, and put it into a SIDE PONYTAIL! She then proceeded to set the speed at 6.0 mph, run, and try to fix the SIDE PONYTAIL. I don't know why this struck me as so amusing, but it did.

Thank you Mariah Carey singer and side ponytail girl. You made my day.

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