Monday, August 22, 2011

Silly Traffic. Silly DC

This morning I had my next SSPT appointment. I am happy to report that my alignment is getting much better. My core is getting stronger. As are my muscles supporting my spine. YAY! I can continue to walk - but not run. I can bike on the trainer - which I will do tomorrow. And I can keep swimming, which I did tonight.

Wilson, my normal pool, is closed this week for maintenance. So, I headed to Hains Point. Which is not accessible via metro. And since I can't bike, I had to drive. Which meant sitting in DC traffic. And I was very close to pulling all my hair. I.Hate.Traffic!

But I got to the pool and it was a beautiful evening. I hopped into Jenny's lane and she told me the pool was only open until 7. However, the Internet (which never lies!) said 8. She informed me that yes, the pool was open until 8, however a master's swim team came in at 7 and we were no longer allowed to circle swim. But the pool stayed open... Yup, that sure makes sense! Even with stupid traffic and silly DC pool information not being 100% correct on the Internet, I managed to swim 2000 meters.

And thanks to Travis for letting me use is FB picture of the pool he took today. He was gracious enough to wave his $350 fee in exchange for my 'sherpatude' at Lake Placid. HA!

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